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All-natural dog food company in New Franklin off to fast start with healthy treats, meals Alan Ashworth Akron Beacon Journal At first, New Franklin resident and entrepreneur Penny Lansing thought the all-natural dog food market might be saturated. Big names like Castor & Pollux, Newman’s Own Organics and Purina Beyond dominate the national scene, and a host of regional dog food companies stock store shelves and the little refrigerators that preserve the healthy doggie dinners. Penny Lansing, owner of Paw-ppy, makes a batch of organic peanut butter treats at her New Franklin home on Thursday. But Lansing, who was creating individual recipes for dogs with unique dietary needs, saw big interest in her products. Dogs, like people, can have food allergies and sensitive stomachs, and owners are constantly looking for healthy options. A report from The Insight Partners estimated organic pet food sales at nearly $5 billion in 2021, with the market expected to reach $9.1 billion by 2028, driven by concerns about preservatives and byproducts used in pet foods. Lansing decided to dive in, reasoning that the demand from her clients indicated a wider interest in the products she offered. Penny Lansing makes a batch of organic peanut butter treats, one of 11 different kinds of treats. She opened a website,, for online orders and set goals for her business. She reached out to local merchants about stocking Paw-ppy products. They include 11 different natural treats and five food packs. In a month, Lansing had four locations, including Copley Feed & Supply Co. in Copley, Barkly and Meows in Canal Fulton and Jessica’s Purdy Paws in New Franklin, agree to stock her products. “I’ve already met my three-month goal,” she said Feb. 23. Last week, Seven Grains Natural Market in Tallmadge agreed to try out Paw-ppy products, she said. “I thought I was getting into this flooded market,” she said. “(But) this is the right time.” Meals range from about $5 a bag to $9, and treats from $4 for a 3-ounce bag to $20 for a 17-ounce. Penny Lansing, owner of Paw-ppy, makes a batch of organic peanut butter treats at her New Franklin home on Thursday. Lansing's dog, Niko, is the face of Paw-ppy on the website and packaging, and tester for new creations. It’s a family business with her husband, Kirk, and her daughters, Abigail, 7, and Hannah, 9, helping out when needed. Lansing said she expects to adjust her product line based on sales. Right now, bacon and cheddar, peanut butter, and salmon are the most popular treats. “I want to see what sells,” she said. Meals include salmon, chicken and beef offerings and two others for sensitive dog tummies. Penny Lansing says these peanut butter dog treats are the most popular, along with bacon and cheddar, and salmon. Lansing said she considers her business an example her daughters can learn from. “”I want to show them how important it is to follow through,” she said. “(That) women can be business owners.”

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