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Which Dog Food Brand Should I Pick?

Knowledge is Power 

At Paw-ppy All Natural Dog Treats and Food, we believe that education is key to proper pet nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. We are committed to providing our customers with easily digestible information on how to feed their pets with the best possible diet. Our products are unique, we only use top quality natural ingredients that are genuinely beneficial to your dog's health. We never add any additives or preservatives, so what you see is what you get. Our recipes are made fresh to order, ensuring your dog is getting a fresh, homemade dish every time.

See the Difference in Our Ingredients

Paw-ppy has 7 ingredients

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At Paw-ppy, we know that pet parents care about what goes into their furry best friend's food. That's why we only use natural, fresh ingredients and never add any unnecessary and potentially harmful additives, like:

  • Salts

  • Added Vitamins

  • Minerals

  • Sugars

  • Added Flavors

  • Supplements

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